My Psalm 121

I was at a church market this past week and came across a one of a kind find – as they always are at markets!

This little treasure I have been hoping to find and work through for quite some time.
I managed to get my hands on: Beth Moore’s Stepping Up a journey through the Psalms of Ascent bible study.


I began the study right away and must say that I am totally enjoying it. One of the activities that Beth asks of the reader is at the end of each Psalm to conclude by writing your own personal rendition of the psalm. This is proving to be a beautiful exercise that is taking the scriptures and personally bringing them to life and relevance for me. Here is my Psalm 121.

My Psalm 121

When I question where I am and where I am going … I know where to turn.
My God, my Keeper, my Creator.

He is always with me.
Always on the job; never tired, away or busy.
There is no concern He will ever turn away.

He guides me safely.
Under his care I am kept safe.
He is strong in his watch over me.
Our relationship is intimate and He protects me: His treasure.
In his care I experience His gentle warmth.

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